Admission of Children with Special Needs

As a general policy of MMCSFI, admission of children with special needs is dependent on the school’s capacity to support that child’s needs vis-à-vis the needs of all the children already enrolled in all programs from CASA to the Adolescent Program. Thus, acceptance varies not only from year to year, but from program to program.

All parents seeking admission to MMCSFI sign the MMCSFI Policies on Children with Special Needs (see page 53). The contract safeguards a collaborative relationship between incoming parents and the school.

Parents who, upon application, volunteer information regarding their child’s diagnoses, are required to submit papers documenting past and any other on-going assessments, and diagnoses by an appropriate expert/s.

On the other hand, parents who have nothing to disclose upon application voluntarily allow MMCSFI, through its medical consultants, to openly communicate observations, concerns and relay expert recommendations regarding a child’s possible special need.

In both cases, parents are compelled to comply with recommendations from the experts immediately and to continuously support the child’s needs.

MMCSFI recognizes the wide range and levels of needs or disabilities that a child can have. Within the context of Montessori teaching and learning principles, resources available to MMCSFI, and the limits set by the DepEd, the school reserves the right to consider the acceptance and continued presence of children with particular needs or disabilities.

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