General Policy

The admissions process provides both the prospective parents and the school with an opportunity to mutually agree that the child is best served by his or her admission to MMCSFI. An agreement on educational goals, even at this early stage, is important in keeping a consistent and collaborative agenda in ensuring the security and happiness of the child.

MMCSFI welcomes children of all races, religions or creed.

At the primary level, CASA admits children who are at least two and a half (2 ½) years old and allows for a year round enrollment before the age of five (5).

The Elementary Program admits children who are six (6) years old and have successfully completed the Kinder year, as required by the Department of Education, and with proper promotional documentation from the child’s previous school.

The Adolescent Program admits students who have completed their elementary level of education, and with proper documentation from the child’s previous school.

Acceptance and admission varies from year to year, depending on the availability of slots.

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