A student should be present in class at least 80% of the required number of class days as prescribed by the Department of Education, Culture and Sports to be considered as completing one school year.

a.  Absences
Parents are requested to notify the school when their child will be absent from class. It is imperative that the school be informed when a child's absence is due to a communicable disease.A child who is absent from class must present an excuse letter to the teacher on the day he/she reports back to school. Students who are absent for three or more consecutive days due to illness, especially of a contagious nature, must bring a medical certificate upon his/her return, stating that the child is well and may return to class.

b.  Changes in Pick-Up Schedule/Arrangements
Students who need to leave the class before the regular dismissal time or who are allowed to go home with a schoolmate must present a letter from the parent/guardian at the start of the school day. A telephone call will not be sufficient to release the child unless the situation is an emergency. The Executive Director has the prerogative to withhold permission should she so decide.

c.  Travel Leave
If at all possible, travel leaves must be scheduled during school breaks. However, students who plan to go on travel leave will be asked to submit a letter of intent from parents to the child's teacher, stating the purpose of travel and duration of the trip. The Head Directress, after consulting with the child's teacher, will decide whether the child may be allowed to miss school.

Children on travel leave may be asked to keep a journal of their activities. Exercises in particular subject areas may also be required for the student to accomplish while on leave.