School Clinic

The school provides the services of a trained registered nurse to attend to the minor medical needs of the children and school personnel during school days. The nurse also keeps a record of each child's medical history.

Information regarding a child's medical history is requested for all students during enrollment through the school's Health Record Forms (Immunizations, Illnesses, Permission to Administer Medication, Emergency Treatment Special Instructions). Parents are responsible for the accuracy of the information provided and must sign the forms where applicable.

Parents must also keep the records up-to-date especially regarding the administration of special medication.

Another medical form which requires a parent's signature is the form instructing the school nurse to administer medication to a child during class hours. In case of prescription drugs, such as antibiotics, the school requires written instructions from the child's doctor. Should the parent not be present to sign the school form, a letter of instruction from the parent must be provided and the doctor's instructions, when applicable, attached to the letter.

Notice of Injury / or Illness

When a child is injured or taken ill during class hours, the school nurse is required to fill up a notice stating the nature of the injury or illness, the time the child was attended to or the time the injury took place, and the medical attention given. The parent is provided a copy of the notice.

Should the child need to be sent home for further attention and / or rest, the school informs the parents by phone and requests that the child be picked up.

Should a person other than the parent come to pick up the child, he/she must present the pick-up I.D. or a letter of authorization from the parent. Should the child be diagnosed as having a communicable or infectious disease, a medical certificate must be presented to the school nurse upon her/his return to school certifying that the child may attend classes.

Emergency Treatment

The school has an ongoing agreement with COMMCARE to treat emergency cases involving students and school personnel. Parents must indicate on the school form their consent to having their child treated at COMMCARE when necessary, or by another doctor at another hospital.

In either cases, the parents are called to inform them of the child's injury. They are also provided with a copy of the Notice of Injury.

All students are covered by 24 hour accident insurance. Medical expenses are chargeable to this coverage, the extent of which depends on the nature of the injury and the treatment provided.