Clean, comfortable and simple clothing are to be worn by the children. Especially in the primary level, they should also be easy to manage, with zippers and buttons. Sneakers and other rubber-soled shoes are recommended. Slippers, clogs, high-heeled sandals and shoes are not allowed because they are not safe and are deterrents to the child's active participation in school activities.

All children are required to bring an extra set of clean clothing, including underwear and socks, to school everyday.

All articles of clothing should be labeled with the child's name. Every effort will be made to see that misplaced clothing are returned. This can only be done when clothes are labeled. Clothing that remains unclaimed will be donated to outside institutions at the end of the school year.

There is a Lost and Found box in the school office where unclaimed items found in the school premises are kept.

Children are discouraged from wearing expensive jewelry or excessive fancy accessories to school. Nail polish is not allowed. Over-all good grooming should be maintained.