In the Montessori framework, discipline is defined as "self-discipline" and comes from within. This is a goal one works towards and there are steps involved in achieving this. Discipline imposed from outside, then, is not the goal. Setting limits and establishing logical and natural consequences go hand in hand with the MOntessori concept of discipline.

This developmental kind of internal discipline is assisted by the school staff. While there would be cases when external guidance is needed, the school does not employ corporal action and ridicule as a means of punishment.

Under no circumstances is a parent allowed to reprimand or correct the behavior of another child directly. The proper process is for the parent to bring the matter to the attention of the child's teacher or teacher assistant as as possible. Should they not be immediately available, the parents should see the Head Directress; should she not be available, they should see the Executive Director.

It is the responsibility of the proper school personnel to determine the facts surrounding an incident and to see to it that what is humanly possible will be done to bring the matter to a resolution.

Parents will be notified in cases of repreated disciplinary problems. The school expects parents to cooperate in cases where a child might need external, professional help. In extreme situations, MMCSFI reserves the right to suspend and/ or expel students.