A child is considered officially enrolled only if and when all requirements have been submitted and when all fees due have been paid and an Admission Slip has been issued by the Registrar to the child's teacher.

1. Pre-Registration

Parents who are scheduled for their second semester Parent - Teacher Conference and are up-to-date in their payments of fees may pre-register after their conference. Provided all requirements for enrollment have been submitted, parents may pay the school fees for the following school year.

2. Regular Registration

One week in April is set aside for the school's regular enrollment period. Parents who have pre-registered but have not yet paid may return at this time for assessment and payment of fees for the following school year. Parents who did not pre-register and have no accounts still due and payable may also enroll at this time.

3. Late Registration

Parents may enroll their child after the regular enrollment period provided there is a slot available and all past due accounts have been settled. A late enrollment fee is charged in addition to the assessed school fees after the regular registration period.

Registration Procedure

  1. Present the original evaluation card to the school registrar.

  2. Secure the necessary medical forms. These forms may be brought out of the school to be accomplished by the child's pediatrician and parents.

  3. Submit 2 – 2x2 copies of a recent photograph of the child, either colored or black and white. Indicate the child's name at the back of each photograph.

  4. Accomplish the

    1. Registration Form
    2. Tuition Contract (for Plan A, C and D modes of payment)
    3. Proxy Form
    4. Undertaking (for new students only)

    These forms may not be brought out of the school. Persons other than parents who come to enroll the child must bring with them a written notice authorizing them to enroll in behalf of the parent. Further, any information provided on these forms by the authorized person is considered binding on the parents.

  5. Pay the school fees as assessed, based on the mode of payment chosen. Post-dated checks are not accepted for payment of school fees upon enrollment.