School Fees

1. Tuition, Basic and Membership Fees

These fees provide the major source of funds for the operations of the school. As such, it is vital that payments be made on time.

  1. Payment Plans

    School fees are due under three (3) payment plans:

    • Plan A, payable in five (5) installments
      - upon enrollment
      - August 1
      - October1
      - December 1
      - February 1

    • Plan B, full payment upon enrollment

    • Plan C, payable in three (3) installments
      - Upon enrollment
      - September 1
      - December 1

  2. Installment Payments

    Parents who opt to pay on installment will be asked to sign a promissory note which also serves as a reminder of dates and amounts due.

    During the school year, account statements are again sent as reminders before payments fall due.

    Should an account become seriously delinquent, the school may opt to exercise its right to:

    - Deny the parents a scheduled parent-teacher conference

    - Deny the release of any school records

    - Deny a child's continuing participation in the education program

    - Deny children enrolled in the Level 3 class participation in the   quarterly examinations or in the graduation ceremonies

    After enrollment, fees are due on the first day of the application month, depending on the installment plan chosen. A grace period of seven (7) days, however, is given for payments made after the due date where no penalty is charged.

    Payments made after the grace period are charged a penalty of 2% per month until all past due accounts are settled.

  3. Refunds of Fees are allowed only on tuition, basic and membership fees. Requests for refunds of fees should be made in writing and will be granted only under the following conditions:

    - Transfer of residence to another province or country

    - Illness that prevents the child from attending classes for the rest of   the school year, attested to by a medical certificate

    - Behavioral problems detrimental to the well being of other children   and adults

    Refunds are computed based on the mode of payment chosen and according to the following schedule, whether a child has attended classes or not:

    - 100% refund before the official start of classes

    - 90% refund within the first week of classes

    - 80% refund within the second week of classes

    - 50% refund after the second week up to the 30th day of classes

  4. Discounts on tuition

    A discount on tuition shall be given to parents who have more than two (2) children in the school. The discount is 10% per annum for the third and succeeding child.

2. Development Fee

A development fee is assessed each new student and collected over a two year period in two installment payments. Funds collected from this fee are used in the future improvement of the school.

Effective SY 2008-2009, all development fees paid by new students shall not be refundable.

3. Reservation Fee

A reservation fee may be paid beginning December 1 of the current year to ensure a slot for the following year. Reservation fees are accepted only if all past due accounts have been paid. Parents who choose Plan C (bi-monthly) as their mode of payment may pay the reservation fee together with their last installment in February.

The reservation fee is non-refundable should the child not enroll the following school year. However, it is charged to tuition upon enrollment of the child.

Reserved slots are kept until the last day of the regular enrollment period. Should a child not be enrolled after this time, the school is released from its obligation to keep the slot for the child and may give it to an applicant on the waiting list. Students who enroll after the last day of the regular enrollment period will be accepted on a space-available basis only.