Homework, Tutoring and Testing


Homework is the discretion of the teacher. It may take a variety of forms and is dependent on the need of the particular child to whom the work is given. Parents are requested to support the child's efforts in accomplishing the work at home.


Children recommended for tutoring by their teacher will need to make outside arrangements for tutoring services. Tutoring may not be done in school, even after school hours.


Standardized tests are administered to children in the elementary on a regular basis. These test help the children gain familiarity with taking test, which will be a part of their later education and adult experiences. Scoring and evaluation of test results are done by outside qualified persons and reported to the school in writing, through profiles of individual children.

Requests for release of a child's test must be made in writing. Results should be discussed together with the child's teacher to ensure a balanced and total picture of the child's work in school.