Children with Learning Disabilities

MMCSFI recognizes the wide range and levels of learning difficulties that a child can have. Within the context to the Montessori teaching and learning principles and within the resources available to MMCSFI, the school shall consider the presence of children with learning difficulties in planning its programs under the following conditions:

  1. The parents and / or guardian will fully disclose at the time of application the nature and history of the learning disability; the school should be provided with complete documentation of any treatment or intervention that has been or is still being done.

  2. The school reserves the right to deny acceptance to student applicants whose learning disabilities are of such nature that they would require specialized care or treatment beyond what MMCSFI can regularly handle or provide.

  3. As conditions for initial acceptance and continued enrollment, the school reserves the option to require additional appropriate professional help for the student and regular conferences with the parent and therapist and / or psychologist of the student. Further, the school reserves the right to levy additional fees on students who may need special programs to help them cope with their learning disabilities.

  4. Conditional acceptance is for a period of six (6) months from the date of entry of the student. During this period, the school will exert its best efforts to aid the child's development. However, should the school determine that continued stay in MMCSFI not be in the child's best interest, the parents agree to abide by the school's decision that the child be transferred to a more appropriate learning environment.