Procedure and Application

Admission of New Students

Parents of prospective new students will be asked to observe a class. An appointment for a class observation can be arranged with the Admissions Coordinator.

After the parents' class observation , an interview with the Level Coordinator is scheduled to discuss the Montessori philosophy and methodology, the academic program, enrichment activities and other details about the school.

Should the parents wish to pursue their child's application, a form is accomplished for the purpose, the processing fee paid and the initial requirements submitted. These are:

    • a certified true photocopy of the child's Birth Certificate
    • 4 - 1"x 1" identification pictures

Upon submission of these requirements, an assessment of the child is scheduled, usually with the teacher in whose class the child will be.

Should the child be assessed as ready, a Letter of Acceptance is issued to the parents. The following are then to be submitted:

If there are no immediate slots available, parents may pay a reservation fee within one week of acceptance to ensure a space for their child. This fee is non-refundable and applicable to tuition when the child is actually enrolled.

MMCSFI reserves the right to determine which class a child will be in to ensure a balanced enrollment.

Returning Students

Children who wish to return to the school after an absence of one (1) school year may be accepted on a case-to-case basis depending on the reason given for the child's initial departure from and subsequent return to the school. However, upper elementary level children will not be accepted regardless of reasons given.

For inquiries, please email the Admission Coordinator at or call (632) 8287156/7158 or send a fax via (632)7767305.