Parent Participation

Parent Communication with the School

Good communication between parents and the teachers and with the school in general is highly desirable in any good learning environment, all the more within a Montessori community where the school and the home have to work hand in hand in assuring that the child is nurtured within the Montessori framework.

Parents are encouraged to direct their questions regarding their child’s performance and other classroom-specific concerns to their child’s teacher before escalating their concerns to the Office of the Executive Director.

Classroom Participation

Parents who have talents or hobbies that may be of interest to the children are encouraged to communicate this to the teacher. Parents are also encouraged to share from home what they have that can enrich the classroom environment such as plants, old magazines, etc. A parent volunteer sign-up sheet will be made available during the parent orientation.

Parent Education

The synergy between the home and the school being so essential for the development of the Montessori child, MMCSFI provides various opportunities to further the parent’s knowledge about education and the philosophy behind it. The Parent Education venues also provide an opportunity for the parents to interact with each other and exchange their experiences as unique Montessori parents.

The parents are expected to take advantage of these opportunities toward a better understanding of the formation of their child.

The school conducts several Parent Education Meetings during the school year. Topics for these meetings include the Montessori philosophy and practice, curriculum areas as well as parenting issues and current trends in the field of education.

Parent Orientation

Parent orientation is held before the opening of classes. It is an introduction to the school year’s main activities, a reminder of key policies, and an opportunity for each classroom’s parents to meet one another and the teachers.

Open House

The annual Open House is an opportunity for parents to see what the children’s activities are in the classroom and to have “hands on” experience with the Montessori materials.

During the Open House, the school also welcomes visitors who wish to know more about MMCSFI in particular and about Montessori education in general.

Silent Journey and Discovery

This is an opportunity for parents to take a personal journey through the Montessori classroom at all levels, discovering for themselves the joy and excitement of learning in a Montessori environment.

Urged to take on the eyes of a child, the parents will work with selected materials, either individually or in small groups.

New families and families that have not yet taken this special journey are encouraged to attend. The Silent Journey and Discovery is undertaken every two years.


Circulars are general announcements that are sent home as the need arises. These are distributed per family and sent home through the eldest sibling (when the family has more than one child enrolled). These are placed in your child’s “DEAR PARENT ENVELOPE” in Casa and Elementary.

Parent-Teacher Conferences (PTCs)

The child’s teacher will discuss with parents the progress of each child at regularly-scheduled Parent-Teacher Conferences. Sign-ups are done digitally and also at the Administrative Office beginning a few weeks before the scheduled PTC period. Parents must personally sign for their preferred date and time of conferences.

Parents who have outstanding accounts by the second semester can schedule for a conference. However, the evaluation card will not be released until the unpaid tuition fees are fully settled.

Student-Parent-Teacher Conferences (SPTCs)

Close collaboration between the adolescent, the parent and the guide is highly encouraged by the program. With the adolescent always at the heart of the conversation, they are an important part of the SPTCs with an opportunity to discuss their progress and engagement. This makes the SPTCs a student-led meeting of the student’s accomplishments and goals, fulfilling the primary aim of the AP, which is to prepare the adolescents for adult life.

Class Observations

Observation is a vital link in communication between the class teacher and parents. Parents are highly encouraged to observe their child at work in the classroom. Sign-up sheets are available during the parent orientation. Observation guidelines are given to parents prior to their schedule.

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