Classes are organized as a progressive series of mixed age groups for a three-year period in Casa and Elementary, and two-year periods in the Adolescent Program (AP). Generally, a child remains in the same classroom, with the same teacher during this period. This gives the teacher a chance to develop a stronger relationship with the child, and a better understanding of each child’s personality and learning ability.

Casa (Primary or Children's House)

This level responds to the developmental needs of children between the ages of two and a half to six plus (2.5 - 6+) years. Through work done in the prepared environment, children develop independence, concentration, coordination and work habits necessary for later learning.

Extended Day

Around the time of their fifth birthday, when they are ready for group work in an extended work cycle, children are recommended by their teachers to continue on the day for another three-hour session in the afternoon. They also stay for lunch with their classmates and teacher.


This level responds to the developmental needs of children between the ages of six to twelve plus (6 – 12+) years. This level offers expansive choices for study within a prepared environment to aid the child’s social and psychological characteristics and needs. The Elementary program presents to the children the interconnectedness of all subject areas, which can then be meaningfully explored by the children. The need to learn cooperatively within a group-oriented structure is also nurtured. This level is divided into two:

  • Lower Elementary (6 to 9 years of age)
  • Upper Elementary (9 to 12 years of age)

The Adolescent Program (AP)

The Adolescent Program/High School (AP/HS) provides a continuation of the MMCSFI experience by providing an engaging program guided by the academic, social, emotional needs and characteristics of the early adolescent. The previous three-year periods are now divided into two-year periods which resonate with higher education requirements from the Department of Education.

Emergent from the elementary program, the AP aims to secure in the child the fundamental knowledge, learning skills, self-identity assuredness, and social adaptability appropriate for an adolescent, or emerging adult. The teen who rises from Adolescent Program has a good sense of who he/she is, what his/her place and role is in the family, and has begun to develop a vision of the contributions he/she can make to the greater community.

Enrichment Programs

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