A Strategic Global Plan for digital value chain Creation
Qualifying route to be a Global Host or Partner @ Qcircle.

Uniquely, a  strategic development process with domain brand affiliation

  • Get SG Ready Award (Open)
  • Eligible to subscribe Consortium Plan Privileges and Rewards.

Strategic Global Plan

SG Plan is a SGM Application Module to aid participants to be connected to the digital marketplaces. SG Plan is for direct upgrading of members to create a new value chain at the eConsortium as members partners. It is a strategic development process to integrate members’ competencies and businesses with an allocated specialty sub domain brand to further their interest.

Accredited for participation as Members Partners @ Qcircle.


  •  Ready multi disciplinary eConsult Advisory Panel and eBusiness Gallery
  •  Brand Affiliation with internationally recognised Domain Brands.
  •  Integration of members’s competencies and businesses for one global outreach at Qcircle.

The Program

SG Plan is for co-identification and eConsortium recognition of members competencies with added portfolio of deliverying services at eBusiness Gallery and participate in eConsult Advosory Panel.

For who?

  •   All suitably qualified persons
  •   Members upgrades
SG Plan for Partners Plan


  •   As a Global Partner @ Qcircle with a choice of specialty domain brand
  •   Partners Privileges and Reward.

You have added a new eCommerce portfolio with the digital value chain.